Starting an online business can be overwhelming. You’re smart, not afraid of a little DIY, and used to figuring things out on your own. But there’s so much to do and learn about running an online business.

Ready to start an online business without losing your mind, spending a fortune, or even worse…giving up? You have to admit the 9 to 5 grind in a dead-end job just isn't for you. You know there’s more for you out there. Let’s make it happen!

DIY Web Design for Starting an Online Business

Your website is the hub of all your online business activities. It's your place to shine. It should not only reflect your unique, authentic, badass self but also attract and convert your ideal clients. I mean, there's the basic, cookie-cutter website. And then there's the classy, sassy, total experience website that makes you lose an hour because you don't want to leave. It's up to you, I guess. But let me know when you're ready to rock!

Starting an Online Business and Social Media

There's a lot more to social media when starting an online business than just posting stuff in a vacuum. It can be a wee bit intimidating and overwhelming to sort out this piece of the entrepreneurial puzzle. I will help you determine the best platforms for your industry and ideal client and get you started with the basics plus best practices to maximize your time and efforts. I got your back boo!

DIY Marketing Tools for Starting an Online Business

Marketing that doesn't feel like marketing? Yes, please! Learn the best strategies to attract your ideal client, make them fall in love with you, and come back begging for more. Oh, and did you know that you can plan, market, and run your business more effectively and efficiently with time-saving tools that help fight overwhelm and make your life easier? Yep, you heard me!

Breathe….You’ve got this!