I got your back, boo

I love supporting female entrepreneurs in their first year of business through social media strategy, web design tools, and business planning. Anyone brave enough to give the entrepreneur thing a try is cool as sh*t in my book, and I’ll do anything I can to help you succeed. Collaboration and community is an important part of my business and I’m grateful for the strong connections I’ve made with other entrepreneurs.


My Nerdy Side:

For over 8 years, I’ve loved building websites, learning new business software, figuring out how to configure WordPress plugins, customizing themes, creating custom graphics.

No matter what job I’ve had, I’ve always been that girl…the one you call when you’re having computer problems or can’t figure out how to format a document. And I love it.

I’ve facilitated website redesigns for major corporations and non-profits as well as created custom designed websites and social media accounts for countless startup businesses. Getting businesses started online is something near and dear to my heart. Launching a business online can be a huge turning point that leads to major growth and expansion. I love supporting small businesses!

Having my own business for the last 8 years has given me an even broader outlet for my inner tech geek. Playing around with my own website design, redesigning my social media accounts, finding the perfect online tools for growing and streamlining my coaching business…these are some of my absolute favorite things to do.

My Professional Background:

I received my coaching certification from the International Coach Academy, a coaching school accredited by the International Coach Federation.

I obtained a BA in Japanese Language and Literature. This opened many doors for experiences that I could not have anticipated and literally took me around the world and back again. I have lived and worked in Japan (teaching English) and worked for Japanese companies in NYC (international biotech joint ventures, asset management, commercial real estate, etc.).

I have experience working for major international corporations, for non-profits, and in education.

My Family:

I currently reside in Colorado with my husband & best friend, Caleb, and our faithful, furry friends, Sam, Andrew, and Oliver.

I love crochet, embroidery, quilting, and sewing and have been known to occasionally have a booth at craft shows. (Get a front row seat to my creative outlet here.)

I still teach Japanese privately and love it!

I’m a member of P.E.O. (a women’s philanthropic education organization).

My husband and I practice Kriya Yoga Meditation.