Year-end Reflection – Journal Prompt Questions

Year-end reflection is a powerful tool for growth. You can see how far you’ve come and stay aware of things that still need some work. The end of a year is the perfect opportunity to take time to reflect on … Read More

Resistance to Positive Change & What to Do About It
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Usually when we start making positive changes in our lives, there’s a part of us that rebels against it.  Whether we’re trying to take better care of ourselves (food, drinking, sleep, exercise, etc.), start a new meditation practice, look for … Read More

Is Your 9 to 5 Making You Sick?
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If you are unhappy at work but don’t feel ready or willing to quit, you are not alone. Those of us with jobs are grateful for them even if they make us miserable. A major downside is that the stress … Read More

The Ultimate Self Care
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Be Your Own Best Friend – The Ultimate Self Care What are the qualities you associate with a best friend? A few of the things that come to mind for me are… • Good listener • Forgiving • Holds me … Read More

Cancer’s Silver Lining
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In 2012 I found out I had Stage III Melanoma. It led to a roller coaster ride of emotions as you might imagine. If you’ve been on a similar ride, I don’t have to tell you how the fear, confusion, … Read More

Meditation Retreat and an Annual Check-in With Yourself
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My husband and I will soon be heading out for our annual meditation retreat. We practice Kriya Yoga meditation and attend at least one retreat every year. The last couple of years we’ve gone to Florida for a 10-day intensive … Read More

Who Do You Think You Are?
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I recently watched a Wayne Dyer program on PBS in which a woman described a near death experience she had. She talked about feeling surrounded by unconditional love while in a coma.  She went on to explain that before her … Read More

Divine Discontent
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In true discontent there is much to be learned.  I wanted to share with you this quote from Osho at as it relates to my last post.  The true master creates discontent in you…and such a discontent that nothing of … Read More

Dealing With Dis-ease
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Discomfort of any kind is meant to teach us. We learn from our mistakes, but we also learn from our discomfort. It’s how we respond to the discomfort that makes all the difference.

Lessons from a Century-old Women’s Philanthropic Sisterhood
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Recently I attended the Colorado State Chapter Convention of P.E.O. (Philanthropic Educational Organization). It was an empowering experience and I met a lot of amazing women who are changing the lives of women all over the world. As I have been processing the depth of information I received over the course of the convention, I am struck by a few “universal” thoughts that I want to share with you.

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