Community Over Competition – Benefits & Strategies

Community has so many benefits for your business – collaborations, new clients, a safe place to talk about building a business with people who get it, feeling understood and supported as a business owner + emotional support when shit goes sideways.

FREE Royalty-Free Music for Podcasts & Video
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If you’re considering making videos or starting a podcast for your business, you’re going to need some royalty-free music. Intros, transitions, and background music give your videos and podcasts a polished, professional finish that adds to your credibility and your … Read More

My Top 5 Favorite FREE Online Tools for Small Business
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There are so many online tools available for small business that are free or inexpensive to use. So many that it’s difficult to know what’s out there, let alone what’s best for your business! And even once you’ve found something, … Read More

Pay With a Tweet – Free Online Tools
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Pay With a Tweet is a great online tool to use when you offer free downloads on your website. It has a simple interface without any sign-up or complicated hoops for users to jump through. You can customize the tweets/posts … Read More