Year-end Reflection – Journal Prompt Questions

Year-end reflection is a powerful tool for growth. You can see how far you’ve come and stay aware of things that still need some work. The end of a year is the perfect opportunity to take time to reflect on … Read More

Is Your 9 to 5 Making You Sick?
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If you are unhappy at work but don’t feel ready or willing to quit, you are not alone. Those of us with jobs are grateful for them even if they make us miserable. A major downside is that the stress … Read More

Spring Cleaning for My Spirit
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I’ve spent a lot of time lately going through everything I own and letting go of as much as I can. Earlier this week, the Vietnam Veterans of America graciously picked up a rather large donation as a result of this letting-go process. It’s a difficult process, but certainly a powerful one. It’s not just a Spring Cleaning, but more of a mental and spiritual purification ceremony.